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1.the boy was so crazy   computer games that he played online over ten hours every day. 

2.not once has she given in to any difficulty in her life and that’s   she is a strong-willed woman. 

3.as a businessman,david is so busy that rarely   he have time for his family. 

4.by the time i saw the job   (advertise) in the newspaper,it was already too late. 

5.—this is a good place for a picnic.

—yes,it couldn’t be   (good). 

6. jim   (watch)a late night film at home when,right in the middle of a thrilling scene,the television went blank. 

7.—wow! jane,you’re slim again.

—yes,i have been   a diet these days. 

8.   he couldn’t understand was why the number of people eating in his restaurant was decreasing day by day. 

9. please make sure that no details   (overlook)before you deliver a speech. 

10.i looked up and noticed a snake   (wind)its way up the tree to catch its breakfast. 



a:i’ve read a book about personal ideals, 1 concludes that living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. 

b:i agree.the most important in life is to have a great aim,and the 2 (determine)to attain it.ideals are like the stars.we never reach them, 3 like mariners,we can chart our course by them. 

a:at the very beginning,i wanted to be a writer.however,i was not very 4 (confidence)and gave up. 

b:the only limit to our realization of tomorrow 5 our doubts of today. 

a:to be honest,i really love writing.luckily,i 6 (publish)some stories in newspapers up to now. 

b:congratulations.you should devote yourself 7 realizing your dream. 

a:right.i’ve also learned it from the book that it’s the ideals 8 have lighted my way,and given me new courage to face life cheerfully. 

b:as the old 9 goes,where there’s a will,there’s a way.so,don’t part with your illusions.when they are gone,you may still exist,but you have ceased to live. 

a:always 10 (bear)this in mind,i may achieve my dream earlier.right? 

b:correct.good luck!

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    

6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    


  do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher? i do,mine.her name was mrs.white.

i don’t 1 much about what we learned in her class,but my mother once told me that we 2 to write a lot.and i would bring back what i 3 and she would look at it and see there were so many 4 .but no red corrections.and always a star.sometimes even a “good!” would make my 5 filled with happiness.but it 6 my mother,so one day,she went to meet mrs.white and asked her why she never 7 my mistakes.and she also asked why mrs.white 8 red-pencilled in the right spellings of words or 9 grammatical errors.mrs.white said,“the children are just beginning to get excited about using 10 ,about forming sentences.i don’t want to prevent that  11 with red ink.spelling and grammar can  12 .the wonder of words won’t...”maybe she didn’t say it exactly like that.and what my mother gave me was the general idea of what she could 13 .i added in the rest,because i grew up 14 to use words with loving confidence like that. 

and it 15 to me that if mrs.white had used her red pen more strictly i probably wouldn’t be 16 you about this now.i look 17 now and think she must have been a rather extraordinary teacher.allow the joy,wonder and 18 of expression to flower—however wrongly—like that, 19 to bloom is better than not to bloom.and a bud once nipped(掐掉)never opens.may we all be so 20 like mrs.white. 

and thanks to mrs.white i was not worried about writing what i meant even if i couldn’t quite spell it out.



1.a.know b.remember c.understand d.retell

2.a.offered b.wanted c.needed d.used

3.a.learned b.heard c.wrote d.worked

4.a.stars b.marks c.words d.mistakes

5.a.head b.heart c.soul d.mind

6.a.worried b.moved c.frightened d.pleased

7.a.found b.remembered

c.corrected d.ignored

8.a.never b.usually c.always d.often

9.a.looked out b.took out

c.let out d.pointed out

10.a.words b.books c.pencils d.ink

11.a.wonder b.enthusiasm

c.mistake d.sentence

12.a.happen b.appear c.wait d.write

13.a.learn b.remember c.know d.hear

14.a.learning b.deciding c.hoping d.helping

15.a.happens b.refers

c.turns d.occurs

16.a.meeting b.telling c.interviewing d.reading

17.a.up b.forward c.back d.down

18.a.excitement b.surprise

c.belief d.relief

19.a.how b.whether c.when d.because

20.a.delighted b.happy

c.kind d.excited


the basics of math—made clear

basic math introduces students to the basic concepts of mathematics,as well as the fundamentals of more tricky areas.these 30 fantastic lectures are designed to provide students with an understanding of arithmetic and to prepare them for algebra(代数)and beyond.

the lessons in basic math cover every basic aspect of arithmetic.they also look into exponents(指数),the order of operations,and square roots.in addition to learning how to perform various mathematical operations,students discover why these operations work,how a particular mathematical topic relates to other branches of mathematics,and how these operations can be used practically.

basic math starts from the relatively easier concepts and gradually moves on to the more troublesome ones,so as to allow for steady and sure understanding of the material by students.the lectures offer students the chance to “make sense”of mathematical knowledge that may have seemed so frightening.they also help students prepare for college mathematics and overcome their anxiety about this amazing—and completely understandable—field of study.

by the conclusion of the course,students will have improved their understanding of basic math.they will be able to clear away the mystery(神秘性)of mathematics and face their studies with more confidence than they ever imagined.in addition,they will strengthen their ability to accept new and exciting mathematical challenges.

professor h.siegel,honored by kentucky educational television as “the best math teacher in america,”is a devoted teacher and has a gift for explaining mathematical concepts in ways that make them seem clear and obvious.from the basic concrete ideas to the more abstract problems,he is a master in making math lectures learner-friendlier and less scary.

with a phd in mathematics education from georgia state university,dr.siegel teaches mathematics at central arizona college.his courses include various make-up classes and a number of lectures for future primary school teachers.

if the course fails to provide complete satisfaction to you,you can easily exchange it for any other course that we offer.or you can get your money back.


1.what does the course basic math mainly cover?


b.college mathematics.


d.mathematics education.

2.what benefits can students expect from basic math?

a.stronger imaginative ability.

b.additional presentation skills.

c.more mathematical confidence.

d.greater chances of becoming teachers.

3.what can we learn about professor h.siegel?

a.he is a guest lecturer at kentucky educational television.

b.he is to deliver 30 lectures in basic math.

c.he works in georgia state university.

d.he specializes in training teachers.

4.where is the passage most likely to have been taken from?

a.a news report.

b.a book review.

c.a lesson plan.

d.an advertisement.



1.about 句意:那个男孩如此迷恋网络游戏,以至于每天上网打游戏十多个小时。考查固定搭配。be crazy about “迷恋,热衷于”,符合题意。

2.because 句意:在她的一生中她从未向任何困难屈服过,那是因为她是一位意志坚强的女性。考查表语从句。that’s because...表示“那是因为……”。

3.does 句意:作为一个生意人,戴维如此繁忙,以至于很少有时间和家人在一起。考查倒装句式。具有否定意义的rarely位于句首时其后的句子用部分倒装形式。

4.advertised 句意:等我看到报纸上的招聘广告时,已经太晚了。考查非谓语动词。the job与 advertise为被动关系,应用过去分词作宾补。

5.better 句意:——这是野餐的好地方。——是的,它再好不过了。考查交际用语。比较级的否定形式表示最高级含义。

6.was watching 句意:吉姆正在家中看一部午夜电影,就在看到一个扣人心弦的场面中途时,电视机突然一片空白。根据语境和题干中的went blank可知空格处是描述在过去某个时间发生的情况,再根据sb.was doing sth.when sth.happened句式可知答案。

7.on 句意:——哇!jane,你身材又苗条了。——是啊,这段时间我在节食。考查固定搭配。be on a diet节食。

8.what 句意:他不明白为什么到他的饭店吃饭的人越来越少了。考查名词性从句。分析句子结构可知该空引导的是主语从句,连接词在从句中作宾语,应该用what。

9.are overlooked 句意:在你作演讲之前要确保没有忽略任何细节。考查动词语态。根据语境可知此处应该是被动语态:某事被忽视/忽略;make sure后的宾语从句中谓语动词用一般现在时,从句的主语details是复数形式,故谓语动词也应用复数。

10.winding 句意:我抬头看见一条蛇正在蜿蜒地向树上爬行去猎获它的早餐。考查非谓语动词作宾补。notice sb.doing sth.看到某人正在做某事。


[语篇解读] 每个人都有理想,不管是大是小,都要坚定不移、持之以恒地去追求。

1.which 考查定语从句。设空处引导非限制性定语从句,在从句中作主语且指物,故用which。

2.determination 考查名词。空格处所缺的词作have 的宾语,故填所给词的名词形式determination。

3.but 考查连词。根据前句“我们不能够着它们”和后句“像水手一样我们可以根据它们来指引我们的航程”,可以判定两句是转折关系,所以空格处填but。

4.confident 考查形容词。句意:然而,我不太自信而放弃了。故用所给词的形容词形式confident 作表语。

5.is 考查be动词。根据句意可知空格处缺be动词,而主语是the only limit,故用第三人称单数形式is。

6.have published 考查动词时态。根据时间状语up to now可知空格处时态应该为现在完成时。

7.to 考查介词。devote oneself to 意为“致力于”,是固定搭配。

8.that 考查强调句型。强调句型的固定结构是it’s...that/who...此处强调的是the ideals。

9.saying 考查名词。where there’s a will,there’s a way“有志者,事竟成”是格言,故空格处填saying。

10.bearing 考查非谓语动词。句子的主语是所给动词的执行者,故空格处用现在分词。


[语篇解读] 作者根据母亲的描述和自己的回忆讲述了对自己成长有重要影响的一位善良的幼儿园老师。

1.b 对于在她的课上学到了什么我记住得不多了。由上下文可知“我”在回想幼儿园的事情,当然对那个时候上课老师讲的东西记住得不多了,故选b项。

2.d 但是我母亲曾经告诉过我那个时候我们写得很多。考查:used to do sth.过去常常做某事。

3.c 根据第2空后的write a lot可知此处表达:我会把我写的东西带回家,故选c项。

4.d 根据该空后的no red corrections以及第7空后的my mistakes可知答案为d项:错误。

5.b 有时老师的一个“好”就会让我的心里充满了幸福。幸福是心里的感受,故选b项。

6.a 根据后文的描述:我妈妈跑去找老师询问为什么不改正我的错误,由此推断出此事让她感到“担心”,故选a项。worry sb.使某人担心;move sb.感动某人;frighten sb.吓坏某人;please sb.让某人高兴。

7.c 根据第4空后的no red corrections可知此处应该是我妈妈问老师为什么不改正我的错误。correct mistakes改正错误。

8.a 句意:她也问怀特老师为什么从来不(never)用红色笔把拼写正确的单词标出来,也不指出语法错误呢。

9.d 根据句意可知此处应该是我妈妈觉得老师应该指出出现的语法错误,故选d项。look out小心、当心;take out取出、把……拿出去;point out指出。

10.a 根据该句中的sentences可知此处应该是用words,故选a项。

11.b 句意:我不想用红色笔来阻止那份热情。此处指学生们刚刚产生的那份对学习的热情,故选b项。

12.c 句意:词汇拼写和语法可以等(wait)(以后学习)。

13.b 句意:我妈妈给我的是她大体上记得的东西。根据第2空前的my mother once told me that可知是我妈妈告诉我我上幼儿园时的事情,是她能记住的东西,故选b项。

14.a 因为我就是带着那份对学习(learn)使用词汇的自信长大的。此处表达:学习使用词汇,故选a项。

15.d 此处考查固定句式:it occurs/occurred to sb.that...某人想到……。

16.b 根据情景作者在向读者讲述自己小时候的故事,所以答案为b项。表示:否则我就不会给你们讲述这些了。

17.c 现在回想起来才知道我那时肯定遇到了一位非同寻常的老师。look back回想。

18.a 根据第10空前的get excited about可知此处应该是:让一个幼儿园孩子对学习的喜悦、好奇和激动去开花,故选a项。

19.d 因为开花就比不开花好。此处表达原因,故选d项。

20.c 句意:但愿人人都像怀特老师那样善良(kind)。本文回想了自己幼儿园老师在教学过程中有一颗关注孩子成长的善良的心,故选c项。


[语篇解读] 本文为应用文,题材为新闻广告类。广告通过介绍数学课程的优势从而向读者推荐此课程。

1.c 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的第一句话“the lessons in basic math cover every basic aspect of arithmetic.”可知选择c项。

2.c 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的第二句话“...and face their studies with more confidence than they ever imagined.”可知选择c项。 

3.b 细节理解题。文章的第五、六两段主要介绍了professor h.siegel,通过阅读可发现a项、c项和d项与事实不符,从这两段中可知professor h.siegel是数学老师,再结合文章第一段第二句“these 30 fantastic lectures are designed to provide students...”可知b项为正确选项。 

4.d 推理判断题。文章最后一段告诉读者上了这个数学课后如果不满意可以换课或退钱,由此可知本篇文章是一则广告,故选择d项。












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